Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Thanksgiving is traditionally a celebration of gratitude for the year's harvest.  The autumn is a time for gathering the results of previously invested time and energy in preparation for the more challenging colder winter months. Being thankful is a great activity which allows us to appreciate every moment and precious detail.  If you would like to include more gratitude in your life, here is a quick and simple exercise to start with:

Just before bedtime, think of at least three things to be thankful for, and say to yourself "Thank you for ..." for each of them.  These can be either events of the day, people in your life etc. 

This helps to put the whole day in a positive perspective, allowing a peaceful close to the day and a restful night's sleep, ready to enjoy the following day. Thank you for visiting the website. Thank you for taking an interest in the blog. Thank you for reading this article.

Thank you...

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